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Belgian Chocolate

A selection of premium Belgium chocolate made with the finest cocoa beans from around the world. Our chocolates are handcrafted with passion & care to ensure a delicious chocolate bite. Each heavenly piece offers a thrilling flavor & texture infused with chocolate a moment of pure bliss with Mia.
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Luxury Chocolate

Originated in Dubai, La Prima creates premium chocolates handcrafted
from bean to bar with pure cocoa butter. La Prima is known for turning the
finest ingredients into a symbol of love that melts in your mouth. The rich
texture and decadence of our chocolates make it the perfect gift for any
occasion. Indulge in the sublime sweetness of our chocolates with every
bite. Tap into your sense with our unique flavours ranging from rose,
pistachio, coconut, coffee and much more, each one made with love for the
uniqueness in you!